Scott Mertie travels to UK for NHCC healthcare study mission

In March, Scott Mertie, president of Kraft Healthcare Consulting, LLC, participated in the Nashville Health Care Council’s (NHCC) 2017 International Health Care Study Mission to the United Kingdom. Scott, a board member of Leadership Health Care (LHC), continuously displays his dedication to the industry through his frequent participation in high-profile international healthcare delegations. In recent years, he’s represented Kraft Healthcare Consulting, an NHCC member, in London, Paris, Havana, Edinburgh and China.

Thirty council members convened to assess the political climate in the U.K. as it pertains to health care, as well as to discuss innovation and private investment that could deliver much-needed reforms to Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) system. As British lawmakers work to negotiate the exit from the European Union, economic uncertainty compounds the financial challenges facing the NHS.

Scott is pictured with former U.S. Senator Dr. William Frist.

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The U.K. health system is navigating similar problems facing the U.S. (and most other Western European democracies, for that matter): combatting rising healthcare costs while trying to efficiently deliver better care, to those who need it. Attendees of the NHCC study mission weighed in on how these challenges might best be addressed, with innovative solutions coming from within the NHS as well as the private sector. British citizens are notoriously proud of the NHS, touting it as the world’s finest, so panelists emphasized that privatization must be dealt with delicately — with entrepreneurs and companies positioning themselves as partners, not alternatives to the NHS.

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As definitions of healthcare and its delivery systems continue to change on a global level, dialogue between healthcare industry leaders is more essential than ever. While in London, the council also succeeded in generating opportunities through networking, as U.K. companies scheduled meetings with council attendees and discussed potential trips to Nashville. Finally, attendees also examined case studies of forward-thinking companies attempting to transform the healthcare space and deliver cost-effective solutions.

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