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Kraft Asset Management, LLC (KAM) serves as a registered investment advisor to individuals, retirement plans, businesses, trusts, partnerships, estates, and non-profit organizations. An affiliate of KraftCPAs, KAM provides a wide range of wealth management services, including fee-only investment management utilizing objective, independent advice to assist clients in reaching their financial goals.

A Focused Investment Approach

KAM’s investment approach is based on on-going academic research by a number of the world’s leading financial economists. Using passively managed asset class mutual funds and fixed income strategies, KAM helps its clients develop and implement a disciplined, long-term investment strategy that is sound, sensible and cost-effective.

Access to Institutional Investment Opportunities

KAM works with professionals who are respected leaders in structuring investment funds for institutional investors, such as Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA provides KAM clients with access to high-quality, institutional mutual funds not typically available to individual investors.

Periodic Rebalancing

KAM uses the investment principle of rebalancing to adjust the allocation of assets within client portfolios, taking advantage of both positive and negative market fluctuations. Periodic rebalancing helps manage risk and may enhance returns over time.

Adding Value to Bond Portfolios

KAM’s clients can compete equally with institutional bond investors through wholesale pricing and access to a greater selection of bonds than offered by many brokers.

Fee-Only Investment Management

Because KAM charges an annual fee for services based on portfolio value (rather than commissions to buy and sell), clients receive independent, objective investment advice.

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