Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation Tax-Saving Study

Increase your cash flow

If your company has purchased, constructed or renovated a building (or plans to in the future), KraftCPAs can help you get the maximum return on your investment. Our comprehensive cost segregation service can maximize your tax savings and increase the cash flow on your current or future real estate investments.

A well-designed cost segregation study can reclassify real estate assets to:

  • accelerate your depreciation deductions
  • reduce your property taxes
  • lower your sales tax liability

How does a cost segregation work?

Valuable tax savings are embedded in your building and are often overlooked by accountants not trained in cost segregation. Cost segregation specialists are trained to identify and segregate shorter-lived assets (those qualifying for 5-, 7-, or 10-year write-off periods) that are generally buried in a building’s construction or renovation costs (which are generally depreciated over 39 years).

By reclassifying assets and accelerating their depreciation, we accelerate expense and decrease your taxable income. You pay less tax during the early stages of a property’s life. The present value of the tax savings can be tremendous.

Under certain circumstances, the assets identified may also qualify for the special 50 percent bonus depreciation.

No risk, no obligation cost segregation consultation

We’ll provide a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, including an estimate of present-value tax savings and fees.

You have nothing to lose by exploring cost segregation as a tax reduction strategy for your business — unless, of course, you like paying taxes!

Contact one of our tax professionals above to schedule your free consultation.

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