Capital Formation

Capital Formation

Helping clients reach their goals

Sometimes, with the goal in sight, you don’t have the financial resources to get there. Whether you need capital for growth, acquisitions or ownership transition, KraftCPAs can assist in locating, evaluating and securing all types of debt and equity.

As an equity principal, our affiliate, 2nd Generation Capital, LLC, makes minority-interest investments in select privately held, small to mid-sized companies. If your equity needs do not match 2nd Generation’s criteria, we can serve as your placement agent to find the appropriate money sources to implement your desired strategies. If traditional bank financing is more appropriate for your needs, we can locate compatible lending partners and assist in negotiating the best terms possible.

In all financing instances we can provide:

  • Connections with appropriate sources of capital
  • Business and strategic planning assistance
  • Business plan document preparation
  • Financial analysis and projections
  • Business valuation
  • Audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements

Just as a running back relies on his offensive line, you can rely on the KraftCPAs team to help you convert opportunities into successes.

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