Accounting & Finance Recruiting

Having the right people in the right positions is critical to your business success.The people who handle your accounting and financial management are obviously among your most valuable employees. They must be people who are competent, dedicated, and trustworthy. When you have a hiring need in this area of your business, KraftCPAs can help.

We search. You select.

KraftCPAs provides recruiting services to help clients identify and hire top-quality people. We specialize in placing controllers, staff and senior accountants, bookkeepers and human resources personnel.

Because our HR department has years of experience recruiting for our firm and our clients, we understand the process and the specific requirements of financial management positions. With connections throughout the business community, we also know where and how to look for candidates. By using KraftCPAs, you will benefit from our recruiting experience, expertise, and professional network.

We’ll save you time

Advertising, recruiting, interviews, and background checks are time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to juggle those tasks in addition to your usual responsibilities. In almost all instances, we take less time to find suitable candidates to meet our clients’ needs than if they had tried to do it on their own.

We’ll save you money

Compare fees and you’ll find that ours are lower than what most recruiting companies charge. Plus, the cost of a mis-hire is estimated to be two to three times the employee’s salary. We guarantee your satisfaction. If the candidate we place with your company does not succeed*, in most situations we will refill the position for free or give you your money back.

We’ll do a better job

Our process, which was developed based on years of experience hiring accountants, is more comprehensive than the typical recruiting company’s process. We follow a thorough process to help ensure that we send you only qualified, competent candidates who will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Recruiting Process

  1. Job Description We use a questionnaire to learn about the position requirements and talk with our client to understand their needs and expectations. This process helps us determine the job description and type of person we need to recruit.
  2. Advertising To gather a selection of qualified candidates, we advertise the position through various traditional and online media outlets, as well as industry-specific publications, as appropriate.
  3. Screening Interviews We conduct initial phone screenings prior to bringing in candidates for interviews to ensure that their background and experience match our client’s needs.
  4. Kraft Interviews Before the client meets with candidates, we conduct our own in-person interviews. Our interview team includes HR professionals and a management-level CPA. (For current KraftCPAs clients, we include a member from the client service team.)
  5. Predictive Index Assessment We also have qualified applicants complete a workforce assessment using The Predictive Index (PI). We’ve found PI assessments to be highly effective in predicting candidate success in a particular position.
  6. Client Interviews After we have narrowed down the pool, we typically present three to five candidates for our client to review. Once the client has interviewed these candidates and made a selection, we conduct a thorough background check before the employment offer is made.
  7. Background Checks The background check includes, but is not necessarily limited to, a credit report; county and statewide criminal record checks; and prior-employment reference checks. A more detailed background check is also available for an additional fee.
  8. Employment & Salary Offer Some clients prefer to make the offer and negotiate salary and benefits themselves. However, our HR team can assist in this process. We can also provide salary-survey information to help the client determine an appropriate compensation range for the position.

Recruiting Process Fee

Our recruiting process fee is typically 20%** of the employee’s first-year salary, and we only get paid if the client hires a candidate we recruited.

* Success is defined as the candidate’s being employed by you 60 days after hire.
** In keeping with professional standards and accountancy laws, alternative fee arrangements are made for curent attest services clients of KraftCPAs.

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