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Harness the power of technology

Are you overwhelmed by your business’s technology issues or tired of handling your own computer fixes, troubleshooting and upgrades? Kraft Technology Group (KTG) can help. Our technology team can keep your business’s IT systems running securely and efficiently, so you can focus on achieving and exceeding your strategic goals. KTG makes technology work for you.

Managed IT Services

The KTG team handles IT issues so you don’t have to. We proactively configure, maintain and monitor your business technology for peak performance. We leverage our experience (in both Windows and Apple platforms), combined with industry-leading IT solutions, to create an IT environment that will support your business workload and objectives. We can be your IT department or support your existing team.

Cybersecurity Services

Today, cybercrime presents a serious threat to your business. You need robust cybersecurity that can keep up with threats as they come about. That’s where a partnership with KTG can benefit you. We leverage our vast experience and powerful cybersecurity solutions to give you and your team a safe online working environment.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology replaces traditional computing methods and provides functionality and increased power. Cloud services are more flexible and affordable than traditional IT services and will grow with your organization as it matures. Using an all-in approach, KTG can host everything you need – your software, operating systems, personal settings, applications, and data – in the cloud. We make mobile productivity a reality.

Business Continuity Solutions

Human error. Natural disaster. Fire. Flood. Cyberattack. Any of these incidents can devastate your business. KTG has the capability to back up and virtualize your whole IT environment: servers, computer operating systems, settings, applications and files. Then, in the event of a simple power outage or a larger-scale incident, your data and systems will be restored. We’ll enable you to pick up where you left off – from any internet connected device.

Voice & Data Services

Phone service is likely vital to your business. That’s why you can’t trust your business communications to the aging infrastructure of landline telephone networks. Save money and improve your communication capabilities with hosted VoIP & PBX internet-based, full-function, professional telephone systems.

Digital Transformation Services

Everything you do within your business creates points of data that can be sorted, categorized, analyzed, and developed into pro-growth action items. However, that data does you no good without someone to help you mine it, organize it, and display it. KTG can help you leverage that data to give you the high-level business insights you need for important decisions.

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