Owner Disagreement Cases

Marital Dissolution

Retained as an expert to value various businesses, perform forensic analysis and consult with clients about tax aspects of divorce.

Exiting Business Owner Valuation

Retained as an expert for a company who had a valuation dispute with an exiting owner.

Valuation of Software, Technology, Intangible Assets and Technology Companies

Valuation of software, technology, intangible assets (including intellectual property) and technology companies for litigation purposes where asset and/or business valuation are at issue. These types of valuations are also provided for non-litigation purposes such as tax, financial accounting, and transaction assessment purposes.

Business and Trademark Value for Musical Act

Determined the value of a partner’s share in the touring business and trademark of a top-selling musical act following the decision of a founding member to stop touring with the band. This analysis was developed for litigation purposes.

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