Contract Dispute Cases

Contract Dispute Services for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer

Provided damages calculation and expert consulting services on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturer in a contract dispute with a competing pharmaceutical firm over unfair business practices – case later dropped after both firms acquired by larger pharma companies.

Liability Analysis Related to Trade Secret Misappropriation and Spoliation

Retained as liability expert for a Fortune 500 company in a trade secret misappropriation matter related to proprietary software and customer data. Subsequent claims for spoliation were made due to the use of scrubber software by the defendants to erase evidence of deleted files that contained the misappropriated customer information. Due in part to the evidence presented through expert testimony, a broad injunction was issued against the defendants.

Damage Analysis in Failed Software Development and Implementation Projects

Assessed damages and causation in matters involving a failed enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects and failed software development projects.

Damage Claims Involving the Alleged Wrongful Conduct of Banks

Analyzed damage and causation in matters involving various claims of wrongful conduct against banks such as lender liability, breach of contract, fraud, violation of anti-money laundering regulations, and others in which business and individual damages were claimed.

Trade Secret Misappropriation and Unfair Competition

Retained as an expert addressing lost profits from alleged trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition.

Breach of Contract

Retained as an expert to calculate damages resulting from termination of a contract.

Damage Analysis in a Failed Industrial Automation Project

Retained to provide damage analysis in a case involving a failed robotics technology implementation in a manufacturing plant. This case involved damage claims based on lost profits.

Business Litigation for a Reverse Logistics Company

Provided damages calculation and expert consulting services on behalf of reverse logistics company in a contract damages case versus an internet trading platform, resulting in a sealed settlement.

Investigative Analysis Involving Occupational Fraud

Forensic accounting related to allegations of business executives, employees, and owners being involved in schemes to fraudulently misappropriate funds or other assets/resources from businesses through direct disbursements, phantom vendors/payees, expense reimbursements, diversion or other means.

Damages Analysis Involving Construction Projects and Companies

Retained as a damages expert in cases involving concrete structures, flood-related reconstruction, new construction, leasehold improvements, moving expense, and other matters involving construction, facilities and related costs.

Valuation of Software, Technology, Intangible Assets and Technology Companies

Valuation of software, technology, intangible assets (including intellectual property) and technology companies for litigation purposes where asset and/or business valuation are at issue. These types of valuations are also provided for non-litigation purposes such as tax, financial accounting, and transaction assessment purposes.

Business Litigation for a Shipping Company

Provided damages calculation and expert witness consulting services on behalf of a shipper in a tariff contract dispute with a barge line, resulting in settlement in favor of our client.

Business Litigation for a Restaurant Operation

Provided damages calculation and expert testimony on behalf of lessee in a dispute over rights to reasonably transfer a concession/restaurant operation, resulting in settlement in favor of our client.

Damage Analysis in a Recording Contract Dispute

Assessed damages and causation issues related to a dispute between a record company and a top-selling musical artist that involved claims for lost record company profits and lost royalty income by the artist.

Trade Secret Misappropriation and Unfair Competition

Retained as an expert addressing various liability, causation and damage issues in matters involving trade secret misappropriation, unfair competition and related claims in various industries.

Post-Employment Disputes

Retained as an expert in disputes related to claims of misappropriation, wrongful termination and breach of contract involving non-solicitation and non-compete provisions.

Post-Transaction Disputes

Retained as an expert related to disputes following transactions involving licensing, the sale of equity and the sale of assets, supply agreements, working capital provisions, purchase price adjustments and confidentiality agreements.

Lost Value in a Business Sale Due to Failure to Provide Insurance Coverage

Calculated the lost “investment” or “synergistic” premium to the owners of a business due to a purchase offer being withdrawn due to insurance companies that failed to provide coverage for an environmental claim that arose during due diligence.

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