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Benefit plan fraud: Yes, it can happen to you!

When evaluating the potential for fraud, most business owners and managers think that it will never happen to them. A fraudster is likely to look for one of the least scrutinized aspects of an entity’s financial reporting in hopes that their fraudulent acts will go unnoticed. One such place that may get overlooked by certain entities is their employee benefit plans. There are common risk factors and warning signs that, if detected, could alert management to potentially fraudulent activity. Also, there are certain controls management can implement to mitigate the chances of fraud being committed.
Ryan Myers, a manager on the KraftCPAs employee benefits team, has written a whitepaper, which explains many risk factors surrounding employee benefit plans. He also includes common warning signs of plan fraud and many real-life examples. The document also includes a five-step process you can follow within your organization to help mitigate the risk of plan fraud.

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